Again: three js with Database values

I come back with the question: how can I use three js with values ​​from a db.
I asked this question a few weeks ago. At that time, I was advised to work with a loader.
I created obj and mtl files with the data from the database and load them with OBJ and MTL Loader.

In this way I can create the desired shapes, but not a text.

Where can I find an example that shows how three js is implemented in a template engine?
I use node js with express and pug.

Thanks in advance for help.

I took a look at your previous post. That’s awesome you were able to get the number objects and their positions set from a database.

In terms of displaying text, how did you want it to appear? DOM or three.js?

If you want the text to be rendered using three.js take a look at some of these examples, something might be what you’re looking for:

If you’re trying to make some HTML text take a look at the source code for the link above on how the info for each example is applied over it:

Hope this helps

Here’s a simplification of what I want to show.

Probably, three js is not the right tool.

Have you considered solving your data fetching in a different domain? Three.js is probably the right tool for the right problem. It doesn’t do anything regarding wire transfers and is not at all related to databases. But it’s good for displaying stuff on a screen.