Version supporting IE 10+

Hi, I would love to implement three.js for our elearing clients, but can’t think of a single one that is going to accept ruling out IE10+. Soo I need an older version right? Any pointers on version with full or close to full support for IE are much appreciated!

Cheers Jorgen

IE 10 does not support WebGL. And even IE 11 will not provide a great WebGL experience. It’s probably better to convince your clients to upgrade to Edge (if it has to be a browser from Microsoft).

Hi and thanks for the reply!
Some of these clients are fairly big organizations where some still use Internet Explorer for some applications so that’s not possible unfortunately.

The furtherst I might be able to strecht it is to do IE11+. Is there good documentation about what features to avoid and is there a plan to support IE (in a limited way) until it’s gone?

Hope there is cause it looks awesome!!

Btw, this comment is what made me think older versions might have better support
@mrdoob TBH, against this backdrop I don’t think the current support of IE 11 still makes sense. Maybe better to stop the support completely and ask users to work with older versions of three.js .

Note that IE10 is already past its end of life, and Microsoft has announced that IE11 will reach end of life next August. After that point, it is no longer safe to continue using these browsers (they don’t receive fixes for security issues), which should help persuade large organizations.

That said… the main thing needed to support older browsers is a bundler that supports transpiling. See for how you can get started. With the right settings, Webpack will recompile your application code, and the three.js library, so that it only uses JavaScript features that IE11 supports. Ensuring that WebGL features used are compatible is not handled by a bundler, and (if any errors show up) you may need to modify code to adjust for it.


IE11 is tameable, but regardless which browser: if those machines are cheap office machines without GPU there can be a lot more problems when only software rendering can be done, then it might not work at all, at something like 0.1-20 FPS and possible graphics errors.

In case they have bad specs you might test some THREE examples or comparable apps on a couple of those machines if possible.

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Thanks guys!! Perhaps I’m gonna check if we can write into the contracts going forward that we’ll no longer be supporting IE after August :grinning:

Good point about running into problems with machines without a GPU, guess that means that we could only use this for a tech savvy client, which probably would eliminate the IE worries.

Cheers Jorgen