Three.js does not work on IE11

I have an issue that Three.js is not working on IE 11 ( Windows 10 ).
IE11 version is : 11.535.18362.0.
Microsoft Edge, chrome, firefox is working fine but IE 11 does not.
I also tried to, it doesn’t work too.
I have 4 computers, but all of them have same issue.

Can somebody help me?

Solved. IE11 do not support javascript ‘class’.

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The three.js and three.min.js files still work in IE 11. three.module.js relies on ES6 modules and also uses some other ES6 features like classes which are not supported in Internet Explorer. Since the official examples and the editor use three.module.js, you can only use the mentioned two build files.

@mrdoob TBH, against this backdrop I don’t think the current support of IE 11 still makes sense. Maybe better to stop the support completely and ask users to work with older versions of three.js.


I think there are still other solutions. Will work on it in the next few weeks.