Vehicle physics with Cannon.js

Can you add some multiplayer?

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r/woosh lmao its just a game does it rlly need realism

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Would be better if we can get a speed picker and stuff also we neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed multiplayer mannn

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Can you add some multiplayer?

I’d love to see it as well.
Unfortunately myself I’m busy with other projects. But anyone can try to implement it in Sketchbook.
While I can’t help directly, I’ll always be happpy to explain the inner workings of Sketchbook to help the integration.

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I think it is possible to create good physics with different levels of realism. Of course, there is no point in making a hardcore simulator here. At least for the reason that user input from the keyboard itself can not provide a realistic simulation of working with a joystick.

The simplest vehicle physics can be something like this. But why wouldn’t the object in the game be a little bit like the object from reality? Some people may like it, and some may not. In the end, we can leave the choice to the player.

I have not yet created a satisfactory physics with elements of realism. What I’ve shown above works horribly. I am currently trying to do a deeper refinement to get a good combination of the physical properties of the aircraft.

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I made a deeper refinement of the physics of the aircraft. I think the current version combines realism and simplicity more successfully.

I have not used any additional simplifications in relation to the above list. Moreover, the new yaw and pitch control logic is close to physics. The following simplifications have been eliminated:

The only noticeable difficulty in the control is the execution of the take-off. To achieve a breakaway speed, it is necessary to accelerate almost to the end of the runway. You should press the “S” key at a distance of 10 or 20 meters from the end of the runway.

Otherwise, the control has not become more complex. At the same time, the aerobatics became more realistic.

@Swifterik, I saw that when u release vids you have some expiremental stuff and i am more of a tester than a coder and i was wondering if we can get the ability to spawn ai,Pick the car speed of our and others cars, and speed of other vechiles. i was also wondering if you could add the option to turn off water because it makes me laggy. lastly, remember your test map and that map with the bumpy hills? Please add those! Thanks for hearing my thoughts! Stay cool!

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I’m glad you still enjoy the project, however I’m working on something else right now (a Godot game based off what I learned from Sketchbook), and it’s unlikely I’ll get back to Sketchbook anytime soon, and won’t add any new features, nor edit existing ones. Sorry.

Someone else will have to pick the project up. (Maybe yourself :smiley:)

your test map and that map with the bumpy hills

All previous maps are still available in the demo archive on my website.

Ty!! I hope ill get to testing your Godot game (what is Godot?) And I hope you might think of those features for ur game ur doing but I hope u do well! ty for info! Stay cool, your big fan.

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@swifterik i’m always coming back to this project to learn, i always wanted to try a game and finally pulled through. but struggling hard with physics. are there any hints you could give me as to why the cannon raycastvehicle can be prone to flipping? the current state is harmless even, we’re trying to bake a heightmap and that sets it of basically on every keypress.


Btw, I just LOVE the Aerial control for the car! It feels like a mini GTA driving sim! Hopefully one day I can find someone who thought of making it rocket-powered! Btw, Hope your project is turning out well. Can I get a walkthrough of what its like so far? Many thanks, ZJ

last thing btw. How do you open a github file? Ex: A remix of sketchbook

this is awsome!
what are the licenses? Am I allowed to use this in a commercial project? :slight_smile:

I think looking at web3, as a browser constant, if a user is not logged in to their web3 layer, all js is local an could interact with a live io server, whereas if they are logged into web3 thier constant web3 layer interacts with other web3 js objects (ie users)…

Sure, the code is licenced as MIT and all 3D assets implicitly under CC-BY.
I’ll love it if you credit my project if you use any part of it. But there’s lots of people using it without crediting me so it doesn’t really matter. :+1:

Will sketchbook 0.5 be available anytime in 2022? I want more of this lol!

Credit to Sketchbook, the Threeverse and ThreeJS + Cannon Virtucities are both base from the Sketchbook typescript ThreeJS + Cannon source code.

A bit hard to control the planes and helicopters, maybe.
I have no idea how to get the helicopter to move faster or something.