Subterrina simulator

Simple javascript and HTML5’s canvas 3D simulator allowing you to be an iron mole driver.
Source code

Head-Up Display

There is a HUD with indication of vehicle parameters: roll, pitch, heading, depth.

The artificial horizon indicator works on the principle of a fixed earth. This means that the horizon line remains stationary while the vehicle symbol rotates relative to it.

For a better understanding of the roll and pitch visualization, use the artificial horizon demonstration.


The goal is to visit the maximum number of locations. Locations that you have already visited change color. Game time is limited.

The permissible values of roll and pitch angles are limited. Violation of the restrictions leads to the destruction of the vehicle. The maximum value for both angles in either direction is 60 degrees. It is also forbidden to climb to the surface.


β€˜4’/β€˜6’: roll, left/right

W/S: pitch, nose down/up

A/D: Left/Right yaw


Obviously, there are no exact models for the game. Currently, there is no source data for creating such models. However, we can make some assumptions:

  1. The mole moves in the direction of its longitudinal axis, the values of the angles of attack and sideslip are negligible.
  2. The vehicle does not need lift force, such as that of an airplane wing. This statement is less obvious than the first one. Let’s say that the mole is more of a submarine than an airplane.
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