UV updating does not work on visual but it's stored when export

I want to resize the uv map for my wardrobe configurator Realtime. I don’t want repeating the texture because it is getting memory larger and less performance for cloning textures. I want to use one texture on multiple objects. Here is my code. I did references from some uv updating code. Please help me I am getting sick of it for 20 hours

function scaleUV(obj, x, y) {
  try {
    if (obj.hasOwnProperty("geometry")) {

      var uvAttribute = obj.geometry.getAttribute("uv");
      uvAttribute.setUsage( THREE.DynamicDrawUsage );
      var factor =  (wWidth / 2.5) * 0.25;

      for (var i = 0; i < uvAttribute.count; i++) {
        var u = uvAttribute.getX(i);
        var v = uvAttribute.getY(i);
        if (u != 0) {
          u =factor;
          u = u.toFixed(2);
        uvAttribute.setXY(i, u, v);
      uvAttribute.needsUpdate= true;
  } catch (err) {}

 if (e.name.includes("texture")) {
          if (e instanceof THREE.MeshStandardMaterial) {
            e.map = uvmapchecker;
            updateTexture(e.map, 1, 1, rotation);

I think need more planes and add them uv. Its hard

It’s Box BufferGeometry. It’s stored the updated uv when exported but not in realtime on visual. :')

It’s done by removing this " renderer.setClearColor(0xffffff, 1)"