Use SVG loader in older versions

Apologies if the question seems newbie, I AM newbie in threejs …

I’m stock to an older version (r71) of ThreeJS in a 3D viewer (Autodesk Forge) and it is unlikely that they upgrade anytime soon!

We have a requirement to import SVG files into the viewer.
I’ve added SVGLoader, FileLoader, ShapeUtil, ShapePath, and ShapeBufferGeometry classes from the latest version into our solution and loaded the ‘tiger.svg’ (source: file, generated geometries and meshes and added to the scene successfully (kinda!).
however it does not show completely and I cannot understand what is missing or what setting is required.
attached is the comparison image of what I can see in my viewer (v71) of 10 first meshes of the tiger.svg at left hand side
and at the right is what it should look like.
Any help here understanding why it is rendered like that in the left and what is missing will be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


So you are using three.js R71 and overwrite certain classes with code from R92?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay (long weekend here)…
I actually did not need to override any classes as those classes I added from R92 do not exist in R71!
after posting this question I ended up modifying the SVGLoader class and abandoned ShapePath and ShapeBufferGeometry and used Shape and Path classes to generate ExtrudeGeometry which is now loading the tiger.svg perfectly.

Now I’m working on adding other SVG commands (text) and fixing some issues I think I’ve found in the SVGLoader (like support for scientific notation [10e-4 etc.] in paths).