USDZExporter just download the file without open the quick view

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to launch an AR quick view using the USDZExporter.
What I am obtaining is just a download request instead of launching Apple’s Quick View.

I’ve copied the code from this example three.js webgl - USDZ exporter

You can see a small test of what I’m trying to do here:

And here’s the code: ar-test/ThreeApp.ts at 882f25976a98341dd9823e47155c01bc4096da82 · esnho/ar-test · GitHub

What am I doing wrong?
I’m trying to create a gift for Christmas but maybe I’m not in time :frowning:

The official example launces Quick View on your device, right? Is just your app which doesn’t work?

Yep, correct, if I visit the official example I can see the Quick View open and I can place the helmet in space.

Is my example working on your device?

I’ve fixed the issue, in above example I’ve replaced the image inside the link with an SVG, this is a don’t :frowning:

Following the guidelines here Viewing Augmented Reality Assets in Safari for iOS | WebKit fixed the issue.

I’ve also updated the code in the repo but not the published page.