Updating path from CatmullRomCurve3 and ExtrudeBufferGeometry

Hi all

Am looking at how I can update a CatmullRomCurve3 that is held within an ExtrudeBufferGeometry

Code shown in this codepen

I create the line via:

  var path = new THREE.CatmullRomCurve3(points);
  path.type = 'catmullrom';
  var geometry = new THREE.ExtrudeBufferGeometry(shape, {
    extrudePath: path,
    curveSegments: 12,
    steps: path.points.length,
    bevelEnabled: false,

With BufferGeometry I usually update the positions using the attribute positions that I have added (shown on l.119)

I’ve placed two sets of lines in the code itself, one showing how I’d do this using BufferGeometry and a Line (blue line), the second one is the CatmullRomCurve3 and Extrusion (white line).

Any tips/hints/suggestions would be great! Thank you