Updating Gui coordinates of user uploaded CAD model

I am using Transform Control to move around a CAD model in Threejs.

I want to allow the user to be able to type in x,y,z coordinates into the dat.gui to automatically update the location of the model by typing. If the user moves the model using their mouse, I also want the coordinates to change in the gui. With the following code, I have been been to display the object’s position when it is first loaded and the user can change the coordinates in the gui by typing which updates the model’s position as desired. However, if the user moves the model around with their mouse, the gui does not update the coordinates. I was wondering how to update the gui automatically?

const controls = {
 get positionX(){return object.position.x;},
 set positionX(value){
     object.position.x = value;
 get positionY(){return object.position.y;},
 set positionY(value){
    object.position.y = value;
 get positionZ(){return object.position.z;},
 set positionZ(value){
     object.position.z = value;
const guiPositions= gui.addFolder('cube');
guiPositions.add(controls, 'positionX', -2000, 2000);
guiPositions.add(controls, 'positionY', -2000, 2000);
guiPositions.add(controls, 'positionZ', -2000, 2000);