Updated collider doesn't affect near colliders' position in React Three Rapier

Hey there! I have some 3D models, and if I position them correctly, they’ll shape a body. You can see three of them in the screenshot:

I can change the size (=scale) of each part using the input tags at the left side of the screen. And of course, I created dynamic colliders as well, so if the torso part gets bigger for example, it’ll have its own updated collider:

However, what I want is that if we change the size (=scale) of one part, then it should affect the position of parts near them. For example, if I change the torso size (=scale), then it should affect the position of the legs in this direction:

But, as you can see, the colliders went into each other…

…despite the fact that I set the gravity of the Physics tag to 0, and change the colliders attribute of each RigidBody tag from fixed to dynamic.

Not to mention that I saw some odd behavior like this:

What should I do? Should I use just Mathematics to solve this problem?