Is there any way to make fixed type RigidBody tags affected by each other in React Three Rapier?

I’m just learning Rapier using React Three Fiber (R3F).

And what I want to achieve in my learning process is…

I have some 3D models named as the followings: torso.glb, topLLeg.glb, topRLeg.glb, bottomLLeg.glb, and bottomRLeg.glb; and I added them in this way:

    object={ torso.scene }
    position={ [ x, y, z ] } />

So, there are 5 RigidBody tags (for now) within the Physics tag, and I positioned each one to shape a complete body at the end, so this is what I got so far:

About the screenshot…

At the left side of the screen, there is an HTML input tag, making the user control the size of the torso.glb. I injected some mathematics to make the other parts (= the rest of the models) react to the size of the torso.glb, meaning that if you change the size of torso.glb, it’ll push the other parts (to prevent them from going into each other). And as I don’t want the other parts to have the same scale as the torso.glb, here’s what I’ve created:

And about the problem…

If you see my codes again, I assigned the fixed value to the type attribute of the RigidBody tags, because I don’t want the 3D models to move at all. But what if I wanted to resize the torso.glb’s scale, and see the rest of the .glb files pushed by the torso.glb? As far as I researched, fixed type RigidBody tags cannot affected by each other (here’s the link), but is there anyway to switch from fixed to dynamic type while torso.glb is being resized by the user? I want to achieve something exactly like in the video, but without the nightmare of mathematics… What should I do?

Best, Sina