UnrealBloom issues with Transparency and particles

Particles with transparency do not show when using unrealbloom I am wondering if there are any edited versions out there that support the proper transparency and show particles I have a version that supports alpha so i can see html element that are under the canvas
that uses this:

void main() {\n\
  vec2 invSize = 1.0 / texSize;\
  float fSigma = float(SIGMA);\
  float weightSum = gaussianPdf(0.0, fSigma);\
  float alphaSum = 0.0;\
  vec3 diffuseSum = texture2D( colorTexture, vUv).rgb * weightSum;\
  for( int i = 1; i < KERNEL_RADIUS; i ++ ) {\
    float x = float(i);\
    float w = gaussianPdf(x, fSigma);\
    vec2 uvOffset = direction * invSize * x;\
    vec4 sample1 = texture2D( colorTexture, vUv + uvOffset);\
    vec4 sample2 = texture2D( colorTexture, vUv - uvOffset);\
    diffuseSum += (sample1.rgb + sample2.rgb) * w;\
    alphaSum += (sample1.a + sample2.a) * w;\
    weightSum += 2.0 * w;\
  gl_FragColor = vec4(diffuseSum/weightSum, alphaSum/weightSum);\n\

this works great for making the canvas’s background transparent which is what I need but it also comes with something lacking to where you can no longer see particles
the particles themselves are made from BufferGeometry with point material using a png image as a map set to transparent: true so if someone would like to show me how I can add this feature I’d be greatful!

this is for r124 or 127

I think this issue has been discussed here: Unreal Bloom and Renderer Transparency issue · Issue #14104 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub

For testing it would be useful to have a fresh live example with the latest three.js version r156: three.js dev template - module - JSFiddle - Code Playground

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