Unable to set zoom limits for orthographicCamera using TrackballControls


I have this example which uses TrackballControls and OrthographicCamera. Currently I’m trying to set zoom limits using maxDistance and minDistance, which looks like

control.minDistance = 200
control.maxDistance = 300

However these values seem to be ignored for OrthographicCameras as the cube continues to be able to be zoomed to 0 or infinity. Is there anything else I can try?

Looking at the source code it seems both properties only work for perspective cameras.

Would it be possible for you to switch to OrbitControls? This class supports what you are looking for via its minZoom and maxZoom properties.

Unfortunately my use case requires the ability to spin a mesh 360 degrees around all three axes using OrthographicCamera, so I’d need to stick with TrackballControls.

Is there a plan to get TrackballControls to support zoom limits for OrthographicCamera? If so, I can go log an issue in the repo.