TypeScript "Extras" Type Definition

With the deprecation of @types/three, the definitions for the “extras” seem to have disappeared. Any solutions for this one? For example, When trying to load MTLLoader, I get this error:
Module '"node_modules/three/src/Three"' has no exported member 'MTLLoader'

I was able to “solve” by installing @types/three@0.93.31 and importing classes with
import { MaterialCreator, MTLLoader, OBJLoader2 } from "../../../node_modules/@types/three";

This is janky. Are there plans for official type support?

Edit: That solution didn’t work after all. So I am stuck with errors in the project till this resolved.

Can you provide a code sample showing how you’re import MTLLoader? The typescript definition file is available here: https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/blob/dev/examples/jsm/loaders/MTLLoader.d.ts.

http://prntscr.com/o92t8w Just standard ES6 import syntax.

Error message: Module ‘“node_modules/three/src/Three”’ has no exported member ‘MTLLoader’.

I do find this accurate according to the data in this file: https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/blob/master/src/Three.d.ts

Thanks for the reply! Let me know what if anything I can do.

You cannot import MTLLoader or OBJLoader through the main three.js module – they must be imported from the examples folder. Refer to the examples to see how to do it:

Hope that helps!

More problems:
A: I am using OBJLoader2. There are no types for this and I cannot use OBJLoader.
B: I am using RequireJS. In order to import the “extras”, I need to perform 1 request to import Three into the scope of RequireJS, then a few more to import the other modules separately. I expose window.THREE to link the modules together. I really don’t want to rework the entire build system so that the entire project is loaded into one file if I can avoid it.

Is that clear as Mud?
Here is the repo of the project: https://github.com/DakotaLarson/BattleTanks-Client.

Let me know if you have any easy solutions… or hard solutions.

Thanks again for your help!

Just to follow up here I was able to solve this problem using Webpack to bundle all the code together into one location. After you install a metric ton of modules, it’s pretty slick.

This is the webpack config I am using at this moment in time: https://github.com/DakotaLarson/BattleTanks-Client/blob/99d527c0e039abc369a4cb187b452cce668d5b57/webpack.config.js.

I bundle both css and js. The css bundle is a little janky, but it works for this project specifically. If ya use sass or something more complex than a single directory of css files, you will have to make alterations if you want to follow this. Hope this helps someone.

Yeah, these types are still missing. However, the owner of this module is aware about that.

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Update: The type declaration files for OBJLoader2 were recently added on the dev branch. So with the next release R107 at the end of July you can use them in production.


Thank you for your contribution.