Trying to use AnimationUtils.subclip in 8th Wall AR platform

I have an upcoming project to create a popup book in the 8th Wall AR platform. There would be a lot of different objects attached to each page which have their own individual animations, so trying to control it via AnimationMixer was getting incredibly unruly and confusing in my tests, because it seems every single object in the entire scene had to have a named animation for every page turn or else it would have random movement when that page turn was called.

Then I came across AnimationUtils.subclip and it seemed like the perfect solution! My plan then was to animate the entire thing in Blender, so that from frame 0-25 is the first page turn, 25-50 is the second, etc, and I could simply break them up into subclips and play them as the button was pressed.

Only I can’t seem to get it to work, no matter what I try. I’m just not sure how to reference the AnimationClip. The issue seems to be that the .glb file is imported via A-Frame, and the only way I can call it is via its html ID (bookHolder). I thought this would work, but the text editor just says “use array destructuring,” and like all my other attempts, I get nothing but script errors when I try to run it:

const bookAnimation = bookHolder.animations[0]
const pg2Trimmed = THREE.AnimationUtils.subclip(bookAnimation, 'trim2', 25, 50)

Thanks in advance for any help on this! The 8th Wall support team couldn’t help, and the A-Frame Discord has fallen silent on my question.

As a follow-up to my issue, in 8th Wall if I want to play a specific clip using the AnimationMixer function, I could call the glb file by its HTML id in this way. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to conform the AnimationUtils.subclip to this format:

bookHolder.setAttribute('animation-mixer', {
     clip: 'clipName',
     loop: 'once',
     clampWhenFinished: true,