Trying to get a low poly look on PlaneGeometry

I’m trying to get a low poly look on the ground in my scene. I try to do that with flatShading, but it doesn’t seem to work.

This is my code:

 const groundGeo = new THREE.PlaneBufferGeometry(10000, 10000, 32);
 const groundMat = new THREE.MeshPhongMaterial({
        color: 0x129b40,
        flatShading: true

 const ground = new THREE.Mesh(groundGeo, groundMat);
 ground.position.y = -33;
 ground.rotation.x = -Math.PI / 2;


Does anyone has an idea how to fix this?

Can you please describe in more detail what style you are looking for? A screenshot would be helpful.

This is what I have now:

And this is what I want to create:

You might want to check out this example:

The idea is to tesselate the floor and then provide a vertex color attribute so each face can have a unique color.


Thanks a lot! I will take a look at it :slight_smile: