Troika Text not visible when Exported from GLTF exporter Threejs

I have created a boxgeometry on which I’ve added Troika text and 3D arrows
which looks like this

Then I’ve added a GlTF exporter to export the threejs scene to GLB format .But, when I export
the scene. everything is visible except the text which looks like this

this is my code

 const exporter = new GLTFExporter();
   (result)  => {
    this.saveArrayBuffer(result, "threejsScene.glb")
    binary: true

Any solution! Any help would be greatly appreciated

Troika text is a whole custom shader-based thing, GLTFExporter knows nothing about it. You’ll have to replace that with normal materials or geometry to export it. Or depending on your goals you could put in a placeholder for the text instead, and re-apply the text after loading the model later.


Thank you for your response. Troika text was not supported while exporting the scene so I’ve added a Textgeometry .