Troika text + custom fragment shader + world position

So I’m using Troika (through @react-three/drei) and it is working as expected. However I want to add some custom shader code, but I cannot find a way to get the world position of the vertex. I see through Spectorjs that there is mentions of instancing (and the geometry itself seems to indicate that that is in use, and there is an #defines USE_INSTANCING) but regardless of what I do no instanceMatrix seems to be available and I cannot find anything else that would provide a way of transforming the local position.

How can I use Troika text and transform the vertex to world position?

So for anyone finding this, turns out the solution was pretty easy: use modelMatrix.

That does make me wonder how Troika text works though, if anyone has any knowledge about that it would be great to get some insight into how they handle rendering large pieces of text.

In vertex shader world position of vertex is position*modelMatrix