TRN2: Tomb Raider Nostalgia

Hi all,

That’s my first post here, but I used to visit stackoverflow some years ago!

It’s a projet that did exist for a long time, but I only recently started to work on it again: a Tomb Raider 1/2/3/4 level / cutscene viewer (when viewing a level, hit the H key for some help).

There’s also a Github repository.

The biggest late addition is the TR4 cutscene player. Try to click here:
(if you move the mouse to the bottom of the screen, you will show a video control bar to play with - at the end, hit the HOME key to get back to the cutscene list)

I started this project years ago with Threejs as the 3D engine, but as it does not support particle systems natively, I also added support for Babylon (you can use either of them by selecting the one you want before going for a level).

It’s called TRN2 because TRN was the first iteration, using only Threejs and in plain javascript. TRN2 is written in Typescript and features both Threejs and BabylonJS - in fact, it was my pet project to learn Typescript and some other tools (Visual Studio Code, Webpack, etc)!

It is not polished yet, I should add portal rendering and refactor some code, but I need a break :slight_smile: