Transparent obj disappears when seen from certain perspectives

Hey i made a window in Blender. The glas is a transparent cuboid. When orbiting around it, there a some perspectives where the glass object would just disappear and reappear.
This gif should show what i mean:

Why is this happening? Should I set it to doublesided?

Thanks in advance

Does it work if you just use a simple plane instead? Transparency, especially self-transparency, issues are in general tricky to handle. There are already a lot of resources and discussion about that topic e.g.

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No, plane is not working either. I didnt solve the issue but got it to work using an old model I still had. Cant really tell why this model is working. Its also a cuboid not a plane, both glTF’s.
Still thanks for the effort!

var o3d = new Mesh(....); //your transparent object

Maybe try setting yourWindow.frustumCulled = false; and see if it works then. Also, as mentioned above, render order can be a great help when working with transparent objects.