Transparent background of the material becomes visible while rotating

Hello! Got stucked. I’m using particles to add some smoke effect to globe. I’ve got a circle, in this circle I draw particles contains of PlaneBufferGeo with smoke picture. Circle is always watching to frustrum’s front, but particles are rotated in their x,y,z coords. And when they are rotated in x,y - I properly see those plane despite on that it’s transparent. How can I fix it?

  const smokeTexture = new TextureLoader().load(smoke);
        const smokeMaterial = new MeshBasicMaterial({
            map: smokeTexture,
            transparent: true,
        const particle = new Mesh(new PlaneBufferGeometry(size, size), smokeMaterial);

Any chance to demonstrate this issue with a live example?

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It is usually a good idea to set depthWrite = false for any transparent material. If it’s not that, then yes I think we’ll need a demo or some way to reproduce this exact case, not just the line defining the material.

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it works) thank you)