TotoroAR - Small WebXR-AR experiment

Hi all,

A couple of weeks ago I finally finished a small Totoro themed AR project. I created it mainly to experiment with the AR module of WebXR (and also to act as a small gift for someone’s birthday).

Three.js is used for rendering the “2D” UI, the model and its animations, and also for playing the sounds. But because I wanted to get a grasp of WebXR and the AR module, the built in WebXR functionality of Three.js isn’t used. (Blender was used to edit the original, static model.)

You can check out a live version at:
If you don’t want to type in the URL on your mobile device, scan the QR-code below (which was generated here):
Note: An AR capable device that supports the AR module of WebXR is required. Which, for now, probably means a smartphone/tablet that has Play Services for AR (i.e. ARCore) installed and has a recent version of Chrome.

All code, assets and some info can be found on GitHub:

Hope you enjoy it!

PS: There’s also a sort of “Easter Egg”, hint: Timely Pokes