Tip for clone texture

According to width I am repeating texture but now I have to pick the certain area and change the color of that area so please anyone can guide me on how can I do that

Use the Kleur option (just below the option for setting how thick is the wall insulation):

Just kidding, of course. Maybe you have not received answers, because it is hard to understand the details of your question. For example, what does “certain area” mean? Is it one of the 6 faces of the container? Or is it one of the individual “stripes” along its length? Or is some free-hand area selected by the user? The problem is that in many cases such details are important, as for different cases there are drastically different solutions.

My suggestion is to add more details to your question, possibly a picture of what is the intended result, and preferably some online debuggable version of your attempt. Then, I’d expect that someone might respond.

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Thank you, I’ll try