Tic Tac Toe Tre: 3D React Game

A reinvention of the classic React Tic Tac Toe tutorial: a two-player game set among the bloomed magnolia trees in Salzburg’s Makartplatz, with audio and orbit controls for fun.
Coded with React Three Fiber and Hooks.
Desktop compatibility only.

Open to feedback and questions. :cherry_blossom:

Source code

Tic Tac Toe Tre - Three.js Showcase


Simple, but pretty!

One (1) feedback from me:

Shouldn’t this be a win :speak_no_evil: ?

I think you’re absolutely right. :see_no_evil:

The logic has been updated. Thank you!

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looking through the code there’s some parts you can shave off. environment for instance which was added recently. there’s a small demo here: https://ir2rk.csb.app

import Environment from "@react-three/drei/Environment"
import imageUrl from './parkimage.hdr'

<Suspense fallback={null}
  <Environment files={imageUrl} background />