Threejs loaded glb models are not solid

I m very new for threejs and I am in a process of creating a first person walk-through inside a glb model.

I have faced a challenge when I walk towards the loaded model, I happen to go through the model. I need that model to be a solid object and block the way.

After searching for help hours online, I found thr cannonjs does the work. But it worked only for shapes(geometric objects) and doesnt work with 3d models which i loaded.

Please i need some support on this.

Thank you.

Your topic is actually a duplicate of: Collision Detection with 3D Models

In the same vein of Mugen87 answer

three-mesh-bvh provide a complete setup for moving inside 3d models (with a first person option too)

Imo, It’s one of the quickest way to achieve it, without worrying about coding the whole thing and optimization.

github page:

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