Threejs configurator GLTF vs OBJ performance


I’m building a product configurator with Threejs. I tried to load both .GLTF and .OBJ models and i can’t seem to find any significant performance differences.

What do you think?
Or do you think that for web configurators should be build in one of these assets only and why?

Thanks for the feedback.

You can expect smaller file sizes and quicker load times with glTF than OBJ, unless your files are so small it doesn’t matter. I would not expect different runtime performance, unless you’re using specific features of glTF like unlit materials and (experimental) compressed textures.

What kind of performance did you mean? Either of these formats is reasonable to use.

There’s a recent poll and discussion here about this question: Survey: Which is your primary 3D format for three.js apps

glTF is only slightly preferred over OBJ by the people who participated. Maybe their comments might sway you one way or another.

@donmccurdy @marquizzo Thanks for your answers!

With GLTF i’m having trouble with the texture mapping but maybe i’m not doing the exportation correctly. Also I noticed better load times with GLTF, like donmccurdy said.

About texture mapping, I suggest checking out the documentation here if you haven’t:

If that’s still not working, the glTF gitter channel can be helpful:

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Iep, i’ve already done it.

It says “By default, if present, texture coordinates are exported”. I export as an object and texture mapping is OK, but when i export in GLTF they are messed up.

So i will have to investigate a little bit more when i have the time. Thanks for that channel link!