Three Shader Reader VS code Extension

Hi everyone, I made a vs code extension to read the Three js material shaders by bringing the shader chunks together and expanding and collapsing chunk code with respective “#include ” lines. I was finding it really annoying everytime to had to enject my glsl code in existing material shader and then I had to jump find each chunk to see what they do so I can find the right place to inject new code, so I made this extension to tackle this problem, also tried to keep it simple. Ofc you can do more things if you want
git repo : GitHub - bhushan6/three-shader-reader: 🔌 VS code extension for easy reading of three js shaders
marketplace : Three Shader reader - Visual Studio Marketplace

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It’s a neat help to have the shader chunks in a overview (which i think a bookmark explorer extension is good for too though?)

Regarding resolving includes though: you should rather work with includes than actually putting the include code into place, at least for materials that will be used often and where you wouldn’t change the contents of the includes anyway, in order to not dublicate large shader code strings for every clone - which also is more heavier to compare with program references than short strings.