Three.js in C# .net webbrowser

I have tried to build a Windows form application (C# .net) using a WebBrowser control.
But I have a Java script error when the page try to load the Three.js script.
I have not this error in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.
(Version of the WebBrowser control : 10.0)
Do you have any idea to solve this problem ?
Thanks in advance :wink:

What IDE? What code of the page? Could you provide your C# project? In general, could you provide more information?

I am using Visual Studio 2017
The code is very simple, I have created a WebBrowser in my form
and I ask it to navigate to the html file. No more.
As I say, if I open this htl file with Google Chrome or IE, no troubles.
With the webbrowser there is a Java Script error on line 6852 char 3 .

Possibly, this SO thread will help:

Thanks a lot, I will try…