Three.js animated menu and site background

Hi friends!
Check out my Three.js animated menu and site background. See you!


Nice! You dont see lines used very often :star_struck:

Btw was there a concrete reason for not having antialiasing?

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Looks nice :+1:
But is there a specific reason to use text geometries instead of, for example, textured sprites for menu items?
Currently, it’s a bit inconvenient to choose items, trying to put mouse exactly on letters.

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Thank you, @DolphinIQ !
Yes, when I turn antialias on the lines become too thin and most important: on many machine there’s a great performance hit, CPU fans going crazy and all.

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Thank you @prisoner849 !
You’re right, it’s hand to pick, I will try to implement sprites.


Maybe put some background to facilitate picking

You could try this:

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Good idea, @nautilus! Thank you!

Great reference, thanks a lot, @amitlzkpa !