Three Drei Problem using image

But i told this before, when i exported, the image it’s much more to the left. And not to the middle


I will record to show you

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In the final is what happen, when i use,0.5).

Ok so… the .center point is in 0 to 1 space… so maybe you need to scale your centerpoint in pixels down to 0 to 1 by dividing by texture size…?

In Blender, if I change the reference I have to apply all the transformations, if I don’t apply them, if I open the model in Blender, it appears in the position I changed, however when I open it on the website, it is in the same old position . For the update position I have to apply all transformations and then if I open it on the website, it appears correctly. When I use, don’t I have to apply these transformations too?
Captura de tela 2024-02-11 204521

But i don’t know how i do that in three drei