THREE.BufferGeometryUtils.toTrianglesDrawMode problem

Hello everyone !
I’ve a problem with the new version of three.js. After that to my mesh I always do .drawMode but not is unavaible so I tried to use console.log(new THREE.BufferGeometryUtils.toTrianglesDrawMode(this.mesh.geometry, THREE.TriangleStripDrawMode)); but when I do that with TriangleStripDrawMode I’ve this error log
TypeError: attribute.clone is not a function
at BufferGeometry.copy (three2.js:11075)
at SurfaceGeometry.clone (three2.js:11036)
And attribute.clone is on three.js file line 11075
If somenone know why !

Maybe because the attribute is of type InterleavedBufferAttribute? This class has no clone() method so far.

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Yes that’s right so you can’t use THREE.BufferGeometryUtils.toTrianglesDrawMode with TriangleStripDrawMode or you have to remove in threeJs the .clone …

Well, the workaround is the de-interleave the buffer data before using BufferGeometryUtils.toTrianglesDrawMode() for now.

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Ok that works fine now thanks !