There is a problem with my character textures

I created a character using the Ready Player website. When I load it into my scene in Three.js, it doesn’t render correctly from certain camera angles. For example, the hair doesn’t show up.
Any guidance is valuable to me. Thank you.

It is okay that the character’s feet are in the ground. It is because of the position

Can you share the model? Does it work alright in gltf-viewer ?

thanks for your replay.
yes I can share it.
avatar.glb (1.4 MB)
It works fine with gltf-viewer

It looks ok. Is the flickering happening at certain angles or at a certain distance (ie. only when camera is far away from character and is moving around?)

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Yes exactly. Just in some angle or just when camera is a little far from object.
You can see it in my video.

thanks for your help. I’m new with threejs. I just changed PerspectiveCamera near parameter from 0.00001 to 0.01 and my problem solved.

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