The fbx model driven by ik in three.js, the problem of using Vector3 to constrain ik on the model’s thighs

I’m trying to add constraints to the limbs of my ik-driven fbx character model, hoping to prevent the model from making anti-human actions. I’m currently trying to use Vector3 to constrain the ik chain, but I don’t know how Vector3 acts on the model. I don’t know much about the constraints. The following are the constraints in my ik chain values:

leftLeg: {
        target: '左腿控制_L',
        effector: 'mixamorigLeftFoot',
        links: [
            name: 'mixamorigLeftLeg',
            rotationMin: new THREE.Vector3(-Math.PI / 1.2, 0, 0), // 不允许向前弯曲,也不允许围绕Y轴和Z轴的旋转
            rotationMax: new THREE.Vector3(0, 0, 0) // 允许向后弯曲90度,不允许围绕Y轴和Z轴的旋转
            name: 'mixamorigLeftUpLeg',
            rotationMin: new THREE.Vector3(-Math.PI / 1.5, -Math.PI, -Math.PI), // 不允许向前弯曲,也不允许围绕Y轴和Z轴的旋转
            rotationMax: new THREE.Vector3(Math.PI / 1.7, Math.PI, -Math.PI/2) // 允许向后弯曲90度,不允许围绕Y轴和Z轴的旋转

Why does it happen that when the amount of exercise reaches the limit, it keeps scurrying around?

Hello, has this problem been solved? I also encountered the same problem.