Issues with limb Vector3 constraints of IK-driven FBX character model

I’m trying to add constraints to the limbs of my ik-driven fbx character model, hoping to prevent the model from making anti-human actions. I’m currently trying to use Vector3 to constrain the ik chain, but I don’t know how Vector3 acts on the model. I don’t know much about the constraints. The following are the constraints in my ik chain values:

leftLeg: {
        target: '左腿控制_L',
        effector: 'mixamorigLeftFoot',
        links: [
            name: 'mixamorigLeftLeg',
            rotationMin: new THREE.Vector3(-Math.PI / 1.2, 0, 0), // 不允许向前弯曲,也不允许围绕Y轴和Z轴的旋转
            rotationMax: new THREE.Vector3(0, 0, 0) // 允许向后弯曲90度,不允许围绕Y轴和Z轴的旋转
            name: 'mixamorigLeftUpLeg',
            rotationMin: new THREE.Vector3(-Math.PI / 1.5, -Math.PI, -Math.PI), // 不允许向前弯曲,也不允许围绕Y轴和Z轴的旋转
            rotationMax: new THREE.Vector3(Math.PI / 1.7, Math.PI, -Math.PI/2) // 允许向后弯曲90度,不允许围绕Y轴和Z轴的旋转

Why does it run wild when the Vector3 constraint is touched?