The Collective (of triangles)

Hi community!

Codepen - The Collective

Recently I bumped in a techno music track. The thing that caught me was the art for the cover of the track.

I liked the idea with those triangular creatures and I thought that would be interesting to recreate it with three.js.
I used instanced buffer geometry with drawing in shaders (I can’t say I’m good with drawing in general, but I tried my best with it in shaders :angel:, prototype), and tried to achieve variability in face attributes (but wasn’t very successful with shapes of mouth). Phyllotaxis pattern used for distributing those triangles :slight_smile: .

The scene is not so interactive (just the light source reacts to mouse movement).
And the mentioned track can be found by the link I placed in the black bottom-right triangle.

PS One random guy in the collective becomes trippy with certain period :rainbow:
PPS Which triangle is you? :smile:


This is amazing like you