The axes is change some how

so I’m trying to figure something but it seems for every texture the x and z is changing here is some pictures

does any one know why
thank you

The question is very difficult to understand. It might take a lot of guessing. I see nothing wrong with the textures.

I’d assume the blue line is the Z-axis of THREE.AxesHelper. I would also assume that the issue is that the orientation of the room and the blue line is not the same in both snapshots. This might happen for several reasons, but only a person who can debug the code (that’s you), could tell for sure.

Generally the problem might happen if you rotate only the room; or if you rotate only the axes helper. If you need consistent orientation, then the easiest is to rotate only the camera. In this way the room (and the axes) will stay fixed to the coordinate system and they will be consistent with each other.

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Thank you for replaying.
and sorry if you misunderstood me, you are right the blue is the Z-axis and the red is the X-axis
I tried to rotate the camera but nothing changed.