Camera rotation axis glitch

Hello, I am working on a three js game and the camera rotation is a lil’ bit buggy like the camera looks like a VR game but I need it to be like a normal first person camera rotation system.
Here is the code i have for my first person game

document.onmousemove = function(e){
  camera.rotation.x -= e.movementY / 150
  camera.rotation.y -= e.movementX / 150

That’s the code of my first person camera. What I think is that the camera is rotating along its own axis or something like the x and y rotations are interfering together you feel me? But that’s what I think.

My game footage down here.

You probably have to change the euler order of your camera rotation.
The default is "XYZ". Setting this to "YXZ" (the “yaw-pitch-roll” order) would work fine.

Hey if you can, give me like just a code snippet of it or i could do it myself.

You should probably give us your current code first. Sandbox services like Glitch or CodeSandbox would be preferable in order to check the behavior.

alright ima do it

ok im done with the sandboxing lol

Add camera.rotation.order = "YXZ"; to L26 and it should work properly.

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Bro THANKS TOO MUCH that works bro i had this problem for a long time

Your description was appropriate. Thank you for the video and the code.

yeah dawg :3