TGALoader giving a 404?

Hi Three.js community.
First, I’m an Instructional Designer by day, so my project is mainly using example code as I’m not a developer :slight_smile:
I’m trying to set up a simple scene utilizing the FBX loader and the TGALoader. I believe the materials are being turned into blobs but receiving a 404. Everything is local on my server so not sure if it’s an HTTP issue.

Here is a link to what I have so far

And here is the gist FBX and TGA Loader utilizing Three.js · GitHub

Is there something basic I am missing?

A 404 simply means that there is nothing at that address. The URL that you’re trying to fetch from: contains nothing. This has nothing to do with Three.js, you just have to find the correct URL where your assets are located.


@marquizzo I double checked my TGA several times before posting. The file is indeed on my server here
Am I not pulling they file correctly in my JavaScript?

					var tgaloader = new THREE.TGALoader();

					// load a resource
					var texture = tgaloader.load(

I have the fbx model in the same directory and it’s rendering correctly

// model
			var loader = new THREE.FBXLoader();
			loader.load( 'models/VOM.fbx', function ( object ) {scene.add( object );
			}, undefined, function (e){

One of the reasons why I’m really confused on why this isn’t working.

I have created a quick live example to show that TGALoader can actually load your texture:

Have you taken a look at your Network Tab in the browser’s developer tools? It looks like your VOMcolor.tga and VOM.fbx files are loading correctly, but then there are a few 404s happening after that. Are there any additional assets you’re trying to load? Is your .fbx file referencing other textures that aren’t available?


Good catch!
Considering TGAs are more complex let me get with my 3D artist and we may try with a .png for texture. This is assuming the TGALoader can apply a .png to a FBX model. I’ll report back if that works.