How to load multiple textures in a model

I’m trying load this model

Environment Free 3D Model - .obj .max .fbx - Free3D

It’s a city, so it’s one FBX with 9 textures. How can I load this in three JS? I’m only know how load a FBX with one texture

Since your FBX files has TGA textures, it’s necessary that you configure your loader like so:

const manager = new THREE.LoadingManager();
manager.addHandler( /\.tga$/i, new TGALoader() );

const loader = new FBXLoader( manager );

This will ensure FBXLoader can actually load TGA textures.

Apart from that I have encountered a small bug this context. You need this patch so textures are loaded from the right path. I’ll file a PR at GitHub.

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With the above patch, the model looks like so:

Should be available with the next release r129.

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