Texture Problem after compressing/transforming glb file with npx gltfjsx

My glb model worked fine previously. But stopped working after compressing/transforming file with npx gltfjsx.
Warning and errors:

GLTFLoader.js:203 THREE.GLTFLoader: Unknown extension “EXT_texture_webp”.
parse @ GLTFLoader.js:203
(anonymous) @ GLTFLoader.js:81
(anonymous) @ three.js:35837
load (async)
load @ three.js:35815
load @ GLTFLoader.js:77
(anonymous) @ environment.js:36
onLoadCallback @ RGBELoader.js:518
(anonymous) @ three.js:36212
(anonymous) @ three.js:35837
load (async)
load @ three.js:35815
load @ three.js:36160
load @ RGBELoader.js:522
loadOne @ environment.js:24
loadEnvironment @ environment.js:15
createEnvironment @ environment.js:5
Scene @ scene.js:65
window.onload @ index.js:58
load (async)
(anonymous) @ index.js:45

GLTFLoader.js:57 TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘uri’)
at THREE.GLTFLoader.GLTFParser.loadTexture (GLTFLoader.js:1849:26)
at THREE.GLTFLoader.GLTFParser.getDependency (GLTFLoader.js:1571:24)
at THREE.GLTFLoader.GLTFParser.assignTexture (GLTFLoader.js:1933:15)

Please share more details. Code, demo, model, whether the model works in online viewers, what version of three.js you are using, any of this will help others to help you faster.

Best guess – support for EXT_texture_webp was added in three.js r122, so in any older version you will see this error.