Texture not applied on OBJ model using react-three-fiber

I’m using react-three-fiber to create a 3D configurator that can apply textures to models. The problem I encountered is that the OBJ model is rendered successfully but the texture is not applied to it. Can you help me debug the problem? Here is a codesandbox:

link doesn’t work

Made it public, sorry.

you’re just missing light https://codesandbox.io/p/sandbox/objloader-forked-rrjl3f

all the dependencies were outdated, you’re using threejs from 2 years go

Your sandbox is not public.

hard to get used to new codesandbox rules. check now

Still, Sandbox not found.

try again pls

Awesome. Thank you for the help. Can you give a brief explanation of the child properties you changed in the ObjModelViewer component?

better look into threejs docs, three changed a lot since the version you were using.

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