Texture Atlases

After a brief skimming of the documentation, I couldn’t find any mention of an atlas loader or packer. Is there an idiomatic threejs way to do texture atlases?

Texture packer:
PixiTexturePacker-master.zip (488.7 KB)

Is this your project? Can you tell me a bit about it first?

Not mine. GitHub - but0n/PixiTexturePacker: A Spritesheet packing tool written with HTML5 using pixi.js for rendering

Program TexturePacker Download - Newest releases and betas

three.js project does not provide tools for creating texture atlases. But 3D models in most any file format can use a texture atlas, you don’t need a special loader for that.

If you’re using Blender you could use something like SimpleBake and then export to glTF.