Text not getting applied on watch 3d model

Hi Alll , I am using three.js lib to load a 3d model of watch and then customize it by adding text to it . Now I want to add text on watch’s back dial , To add text I have followed https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/issues/1041 : creating a canvas -> writing to canvas --> appending image to a texture --> appending the texture to back dial material’s map. Although Text is rendered fine in canvas but not showing up watch’s back dial.
repo :
repo : https://github.com/bhupendra1011/watch-3d-engrave
Live example : https://bhupendra1011.github.io/watch-3d-engrave/

the 3d model is a free version downloaded from clara . Might be it’s uv map is corrupt , I don’t have much knowledge of creating 3d models , I tried opening it in blender but could not figure it out . Any help would be appreciated …

All js code in main1.js .
Kindly let me know what i m missing here


This topic might help. The linked comment mentions the Mesh tab in Blender where you can check if uvs are present.

@Mugen87 , could you kindly help in setting up the uv map in the model : https://github.com/bhupendra1011/watch-3d-engrave/blob/master/model/latest-watch.obj

I tried but was still was not able to figure it out.