Text and height spacing in threejs

Hello, I want to achieve text spacing and height spacing in threejs like letter-spacing and line-height properties in CSS. Is there a way to get there in threejs?

Spacing text via CSS has nothing to do with three.js. You should ask this question elsewhere.

I’m really sorry if I was not clear. I meant it all in threejs. I want to achieve those CSS properties within threejs. Updated the question details. Thanks.

I’m afraid it’s not possible to use such properties (letter-spacing or line-height) with TextGeometry.

Not with TextGeometry, but in general, is there a way to achieve those properties with Threejs? like working with materials and geometry, any way to achieve this?

You can display HTML in your scenes in a number of ways. The easiest is to use CSS2DRenderer or CSS3DRenderer. Check out these examples for details. Then you can style the text using CSS.