Tear Gas Usage In Baghdad

SITU Research produced a project in collaboration with Amnesty International to visualize geolocated and motion tracked videos, within a 3d model of Baghdad. The videos document brutal, improper, and lethal usage of tear gas canisters against peaceful demonstrators by security officers. We used Three.js for all of the 3D, and Scrollama to create a spatial, visual, and textual narrative, navigated by scrolling. Please check out the project at http://teargas.amnesty.org/iraq and the Amnesty Press Release


Amazing job on camera matching right there @jfarias - do you have any tech details on how it was done?

hey @makc3d, thanks! yes we motion tracked most of the videos in Blender, but due to the quality / lack of stability of the footage we did quite a bit of manual refinement. Just adjusting and setting keyframes in Blender as well. Geolocation and camera matching (field of view) was more less done manually, using reference photos, satellite imagery measurements, estimations…etc. Everything placed and animated in Blender, and then exported as GLB and loaded in Three.js.

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