[Team] Three.js developers (outsource) for web modeling system

Our company is looking for a web development company to outsource the project. Project idea: it should be similar as a “Blender” but for web system to work with organic shape, medium polygon meshes (up to 10k points). Web system would need to import 3D models that can be modified within the system and after modification, models could be exported. The system would require:

• Model 3d environment (controllable camera, navigation cube, object tree (list of objects), function menu, where functions can be selected (functions: sculpting functions, Boolean, mesh split, fill open holes, reduce mesh etc.).
• Import/ export *.stl.
• Object functions – copy, delete, mirror.
• Sculpting tools – Brush, inflate, twist, smooth, flatten, pinch crease, drag.
• Model transformations (scale, rotate, move).
• Cross-section measurement tools, length measurement tools.
• Skeleton rigging (creation of bone structure inside model and its modification – when moving skeleton controlling mesh as well. Bone structure is simple structure from 3 bones)
• Prepare model for 3d print (Watertight / Non-Manifold, removing Auto Intersections/Internal Overlapping/Self-Intersecting Surfaces/ Reversed Faces/Inverted Normals/Surface Orientation)
• Spline creation/ extrusion. (Explanation: ability to create a closed contour from splines and extrude contour up to model geometry).

We also require such functions:
• Boolean (https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/latest/modeling/modifiers/generate/booleans.html);
• Mesh split (divide mesh into two parts according to the drawn line) (https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/latest/modeling/meshes/editing/subdividing/bisect.html);
• Fill open mesh holes;
• Reduce mesh polygon/ point number;
• Shrinkwrap modifier;
• Solidify Modifier;
• Lattice Modifier;( https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/latest/modeling/modifiers/deform/lattice.html)

I would also be really grateful for any company recommendations.


What is the expected lead time for this project?

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This project is due to 2022-01-01. But this is certainly not a one-man project.


Something to keep in mind is that browser-based JavaScript is substantially slower than Python (which Blender is built on), because JavaScript is single-threaded, so a lot of your modifiers and tools will probably be slower than Blender with large models. I’m curious, why are you recreating so much functionality that’s already available in Blender?

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More than likely https://clara.io is the competitor to this up coming modeling engine

Vectary has also done an amazing job in their online tooling: https://www.vectary.com/

Not saying you can’t build a better product. I’m with @Fyrestar on this one as well trying to build a blender in javascript. You probably would have better luck with Web Assembly.

Node.js is generally faster than Python these days I think. Is V8 in Chrome that much slower than V8 in Node.js?

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Yes, we do know that modifying vertices position/ recalculating mesh in browser is costly for the performance but with the projects like @ben mentioned clara.io, vectary.com or sculpt.gl, we would believe its achievable. Especially, since we’re not focusing on high quality rendering or using high poly numbers.

We would specialize in manufacturing (3D printing) for specific objects (for example: sinks), which shapes could be manipulated. We would want to have a tool of our own with no excess functions, so basically only essential functions for us.

EDIT: fixed misspelled link that was leading to some Chinese site (@looeee)

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Yes, these two are massive systems and great examples. But we’re not trying to go that deep into visualization.

As mentioned, we would like to modify imported model form and then be able to 3D print it.

i think at work we’re doing pretty much exactly that, and we’re close to publishing it. it’s basically a headless cad system with destructive workflow, all features: sketches, planes, groups, extrusions, revolves, booleans, intersects, subtracts, pattern arrays, slices, blends, chamfers, etc. also lots of pre-existing work for meshing (filling holes, feature recognition and so on, feature removal, reducing meshes). practically everything that a real cad system can do.

and there will also be a react package with fully interactive components (non-destructive workflow, sketching, parametric features, editing, history, rollback, etc). this is the origin of react-three-fiber.

if that interests you get in touch! customized solutions atm aren’t the goal, though. we hope to release something that should suit lots of use cases.


@drcmda Under what type of license will this be released ?
This is super exciting.

it will most likely be token/subscription based. you get a token and then you do with it whatever you want, embed it, run it on a server. the cad system itself is not open source and bases on a real modelling kernel (smlib). i don’t know the full details yet.

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Mantas, looks interesting, I can help you in building the web modeling system. Can we connect and discuss the requirement in detail. Connect with me on skype for a quick call, my skype handle is iCartic

how can I try it out?

EDIT: fixed misspelled link that was leading to some Chinese site (@looeee)

Hi Mantas,
Im the lead dev and architect on Bemjax IDE for past 4 years.
30 years of industry experience, big (Apple Inc.) and small companies (medical SMEs).
Our IDE runs from the browser, and handles 2d raster and vector /3d/DOM/sound and video in an unprecedented way.
Runs on mobile with no compromises.
Its not revealed yet, but I can arrange a private screening online for you…your project seems aligned parallel with our :slight_smile:
Best regards

p.s. you can reach me at dario[at]bemjax.com
Heres a screenshot :slight_smile:

@drcmda how can I try your headless CAD ?

It’s not out yet, we’ll publish soon, in a month or two.

If you are looking for VR version, AVROS WEBSITE It can be scripted in a decent time. I can all so add multiplayer for it pretty easily.
Contact me at taivas.gogoljuk,@gmail.com

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