TAA is not working

Hi, I am doing Post Processing with TAA to do the action against antialiasing. I refer the following example for that . But, when I use this, “new TAARenderPass( scene, camera )” , it requires four parameters. But in this example, this is using only 2 parameters. So How to solve this. Please help me to solve this. What is clearcolor and clearalpha?

Quick debugging tip - three changes often, and guides / tutorials / sacred texts sometimes don’t keep up. You can:

  1. Go to three’s repo, press t, and search for the file you’re using (ex. TAA), click it, and see how many parameters you need to use, plus where / how they are used (three’s code is surprisingly readable compared to other 3d libraries.)
  2. If you are using some older version of three, you can do point 1 locally by just browsing files - that way you can also find debug differences between your and most recent versions.

Long story short - both clear color and clear alpha are optional, they are params of SSAA (demo, source.)

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Yes @mjurczyk. I already saw that and also changed. But still no effects occur on the screen. All aliasing effects are being same as before