Strange movement with controls.autorotate

With controls.autoRotate = true the model rotates perfectly, but at random times the model rotation will slow very briefly and then return to normal speed.

Initially thought this was due to model size or perhaps the textures, but did an autorotate on a huge fully textured model and rotation was perfect.

What’s weird is that it does not happen all the time or can I consistently replicate this!

Has anyone had or seen this issue before?


The speed of automatic rotation in OrbitControls is set absolutely – i.e. it does not depend on the current FPS. As a result, the motion slows down when FPS drops. And this may happen for a variety of reasons – from JavaScript garbage collection to additional tabs with 3D content and even antivirus scan of the system.

To have a consistent motion, the step for each frame must be adjusted to the current FPS and compensate its instability (e.g. by making larger steps when FPS is low).

Thats great, thank you!