Stop when selected block get collide Physijs with Threejs

Hi Everyone,
I wish to find a solution for this issue, I have some blocks moving them using mouse and i would like to stop the movement when collision happens to not drag the another block and both become frozen.
how that can be done ?

I tried all following options with selected and collided block but i didn’t get success.

handleCollision = function( collided_with, linearVelocity, angularVelocity ) {
		let _vector = new THREE.Vector3;

		_vector.set( 0, 0, 0 );
		// collided_with.setAngularFactor( _vector );
		// collided_with.setAngularVelocity( _vector );
		// collided_with.setLinearFactor( _vector );
		collided_with.setLinearVelocity( _vector );	

thank you.